First, log into your Promomash Manager account at

Then, click on the Documents icon on the left-hand side (if you don't see it, check with your system admin):

Scroll Down and find the Send Documents to Brand Ambassadors section

Select the document  in the drop-down box and click "Add" (If you don't have any documents, then you will need to first add the desired document to your library) 

Alternatively, you can request a document copy (example: Food Handler's permit) by entering the "Document Name" to the second box.
Hint: Be sure to name it something that the Ambassador will easily recognize.

Check to ensure all of the desired documents are attached. You can send more than one at a time, and you can click on the trash remove duplicate documents.

Next, choose between option A) or B) below to send docs to select ambassadors or all ambassadors: 


1) Click "I want to choose specific Brand Ambassadors to send the document(s) to

2) And click on each checkbox to the left of the individual Brand Ambassadors


1) Click "I want to send document(s) to all Brand Ambassadors"
2) And the system will automatically select the checkboxes for every Brand Ambassador. 

The area to the right will display the Brand Ambassador(s) you have chosen. (Please double check the BA list to ensure the correct BAs are included).

As soon as you selected the desired Brand Ambassador(s), then click "Send Documents". The Brand Ambassadors will receive a notification email to check his/her Promomash account for new documents. 

You're done! Once the Brand Ambassador returns the document, the system will store it under the BA's name in your Database contact list.